Lirik Lagu Ryujin Run Away English Lyrics Translation ITZY



Ryujin – Run Away (English Translation Lyrics)

Year: 2023


Weather’s good
Makeup on fleek
Rockin’ my baddest boots on my way to show up
Sweep my hair back
Lookin’ right into your face
I’ma cut you off clean
Blowing kisses goodbye

Toxic, those sweet words became painful
My burnt heart
Even with love and desire, there’s no answer
I know you get it so don’t play the hypocrite

Okay, run away, run away, run away from me
If you’re afraid, I will be the villain
If you really can’t say it
You can blame it on me

Run away, run away, run away from me
We ain’t shinin’ anymore
You can be the pitiful main character, I’ll take that ugly part
It flew like the cigarette smoke
There will be nothing left, as if it was a dream

Everything just fades nothing lasts at the end
It’s all faded and worn out
Even if I try to hold it, it only hurts
Guess I should let go, oh-
Run away, run away ay ay

Official translation.

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