Lirik Lagu ZoneQ – Freaky Freaky (feat. Jack Zilla)


존큐 (ZoneQ) – Freaky Freaky (feat. Jack Zilla) Lyric

Genre : 랩 (Rap) , 힙합 (Hip-Hop)
Release Date : 2014-11-26
Language : English

Can’t stop
Wont stop
The time flies
Eyes dried up
New day
I will rise
Straight to the top
I’m gonna win
Cause I mastered the power
From deep within
So when I’m down
I just close my eyes
I fight through the lows
To get to the highs
I’m gonna win
No compromise
I’ll…never quit
I’ll never say die
I’m the man, I’m the king
I’m the champ
Don’t try to match me
yo cause you cant
I am the best
I’m bound for success
You can’t stop the gifts
By God was blessed

You won’t stop me
I’ll never quit
Tell the haters I’ll never forget
And from this day forward
I hereby commit
I want it all
Taking all I can get!
Let’s go!
No hater among you can touch me
I’ll always rise above you trust me
I’m too mighty, you can do nothing
All truth ain’t no bluffing
For real yo

I’m on my way to the top
You cant stop it
The ball’s in my court
I won’t drop it
I’m headed for the sky
and music’s my rocket
Just a matter of time
Watch me as the clock ticks
10 9
Straight down the line
I ain’t gon’ stop till the world is mine
8 7
Live to reach heaven
to all the haters
bring armageddon
6 5
Reach for the sky
I can’t quit long as I’m alive
4 3
The goal’s to be free
Everything I do is to
become number 1!!

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